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I am a contemporary realist artist with an impressionist's eye. My goal is to inspire and transport the audience to another level of beauty and meaning in the wide open spaces of the West. I paint from life whenever possible to accurately capture the light and color. I also enjoy painting from the live model. Training to paint the figure is one of the most difficult skills an artist can achieve and has provided me with an excellent foundation for painting the landscape, animals, or figures.

My studio work is designed utilizing my plein air studies and drawings in order to retain that first response from my original inspiration. Studies are essential in providing the depth and clarity that the painting seeks to impart to the audience. Some of my studies are done in graphite or charcoal on paper. I have also used watercolor and pastels. Once satisfied with the studies I then transfer my drawing to my panel. Working first with a raw umber underpainting, I begin my painting process in oils on oil primed linen. I paint in layers, oiling out in between. Once I feel satisfied with the result I allow the painting time to rest. I hang it in an area where I can view it from different angles and lighting. Any final changes are made at this time.
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